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Juvederm Filler Singapore

Guide to Juvederm Fillers Singapore

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

What are Juvederm Fillers?

Juvederm Fillers are produced by Allergan, which is a leader in aesthetic injectables and is US FDA approved for cosmetic treatments. 

Fillers are a straight forward, safe and effective injectable treatment with multiple benefits such as facial contouring, volume enhancement and improvement of wrinkles (discussed below).

Juvederm Fillers are made from Non-Animal Stabilised Hyaluronic Acid (NASHA). They are free of allergens and possess the latest generation Vycross crosslinking technology.

Benefits of Vycross

  • Lasts longer (up to 18 months)

  • More natural appearance

  • Smoother consistency

  • Less painful injections

Type of Juvederm Fillers?

Across the Juvederm portfolio, there are different subtypes of fillers with varying qualities for the ideal treatment of specific areas in the face.

Juvederm Volux

Best used as Chin Fillers or Jawline Fillers to strengthen their appearance in Males or a more defined / v shaped jawline in Ladies.

Juvederm Voluma

Ideal for use as a cheek filler to lift, project and volumise the cheeks.

Juvederm Volift

Often used to improve laugh lines (nasolabial folds)

Juvederm Volbella

This soft filler is perfect for the undereyes (tear trough filler) as well as a lip filler.

What are Fillers for?

Fillers can be used for adding volume to hollow / sunken areas such as the temples, under eye area or cheeks.

Aside from adding volume, face fillers can also give a face-lifting effect a.k.a liquid facelift as well as enhance features of the face such as a sharper chin, higher nose bridge, rounded forehead, plumper lips.

Facial asymmetries can also be corrected with the correct placement of face fillers.

Are Filler Injections Painful?

With good injection technique and pre-treatment cooling with icepacks, discomfort from Filler Injections are minimal. 

Furthermore, all Juvederm Fillers contain a numbing ingredient (lidocaine) which further reduces pain during and after injection.

How long do Juvederm Fillers last for?

On average, Juvederm Fillers can last between 12 to 18 months, sometimes even longer, depending on the area and volume of filler injected.

For example, areas with high mobility such as lips may have lower longevity than areas with lesser movement such as the cheeks or jawline.

What is the Best Filler for me?

Ultimately, there are many different brands of fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal etc. Each brand has their own subtypes of fillers with various unique properties.

Hence, it is important for your doctor to be experienced in filler injection techniques, as well as to have a firm understanding of the various strengths of each type of filler.

An expert injector will be able to advise on the best filler for your specific aesthetic concern.

Are Juvederm Fillers safe?

Juvederm is very safe and is one of the most reputable brand of dermal fillers in Singapore’s market. 

Worldwide, since 2003, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with the Juvederm family of Dermal Fillers.

Numerous studies on Juvederm range of fillers have reported high levels of patient satisfaction and safety.

How long is each Juvederm Filler treatment?

Juvederm Filler injections take around 15 minutes per area.

Juvederm Filler Price

Price of Juvederm Filler starts from $800 per syringe (1ml).

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Stretch Marks Treatment Singapore

Stretch Marks Treatment Singapore

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

What are stretch marks?

Stretch marks are a type of scarring of the skin and commonly appear as reddish or white long lines / streaks.

They may first appear red or pinkish before gradually fading to purple / brown and then white.

Stretch marks typically form on areas of the skin which has undergone rapid expansion or prolonged stretching.

Stretching of the skin leads to collagen and elastin breakdown, resulting in atrophic skin which gives stretch marks its classical appearance.

Common causes of stretch marks

  • Pregnancy with stretch marks over the tummy
  • Breastfeeding causing stretch marks over the breasts
  • Rapid weight gain or weight loss 
  • Muscle gains in body builders

Stretch mark treatment

The primary aim of treatments are to stimulate collagen and elastin production since stretch marks are due to the breakdown of these vital building blocks of the skin.

Whilst there exist many different brands of topical creams promising to improve stretch marks, there is no clear medical evidence supporting a specific brand of cream. As such, this write up will focus on medical treatments which are backed by research and evidence.

Topical Tretinoin / Retinoid Cream

Tretinoin is a derivative of Vitamin A and is marketed in Singapore with many names such as Retin-A, Stieva-A and Retinacyl. These creams have been reported in studies to improve stretch marks by stimulating the production of collagen. 

Of note, these creams are not safe in pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor prior to starting treatment.

CO2 Fractional Laser Stretch Mark treatment

The CO2 fractional laser has been extensively studied in improving acne scars by stimulating collagen. Likewise, its collagen stimulating benefits can be extended to improving stretch marks.

More information about the CO2 fractional laser can be found here

Multiple sessions are required for gradual improvement and the treated area may be red for 5 to 7 days.

Pro Yellow Laser Treatment for Red Stretch Marks

Red stretch marks appear red because of the blood vessels present in the skin which become more visible due to the skin thinning from breakdown of collagen and elastin. With time, the redness gradually fades away and becomes white.

To accelerate this process, the Pro Yellow Laser can be used to target these blood vessels, thereby reducing the reddish appearance.

More information about the Pro Yellow Laser can be found here.

Ultraformer 3 HIFU Stretch Marks Treatment

High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) penetrates deep into the skin to target and stimulate collagen in different layers of the skin. On top of skin tightening, an additional benefit of HIFU is fat reduction in the treated area.

More information about HIFU can be found here.

Treatments may not be safe in pregnancy. Please consult with your doctor about the ideal treatment option for your stretch marks.

Hormonal Acne Treatment Singapore

Hormonal Acne Treatment Singapore

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

What is Hormonal Acne?

Hormonal acne refers to the acne breakouts that ladies experience due to a fluctuation in hormonal levels in the body.

This is a common problem in adult women which occur in the days before and after menstruation.

These may present as large, painful, cystic acne around the chin and jawline.

Less commonly, hormonal acne may be due to an underlying medication condition such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

Ladies with irregular menstrual cycles, weight gain, adult acne and excessive facial and body hair may have PCOS.

Common causes of Acne

  1. Hormonal fluctuations – Menstrual cycle, menopause, puberty, birth control pills, pregnancy
  2. Comedogenic / inappropriate skin care or make up that block pores and trigger acne formation
  3. Diet high in refined sugar and dairy may worsen acne
  4. Underlying medical conditions such as Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

How does Acne Form?

Detailed guide to acne formation is explained here

Hormonal Acne Treatments

Topical Skincare

Comedone Control Complex - Contains natural botanical extracts which acts to regulate sebum and effectively reduce open pores, whitehead and blackheads.

Anti Blemish Formula - Contains multi-herbal complex and botanical extracts to kill acne causing bacteria, minimise breakouts, regulate sebum, reduce inflammation and accelerate healing of red acne marks.

Acne Spot Cream - Contains antibiotics to kill acne causing bacteria, reduce inflammation and speed up acne resolution.

Comedone Control Complex

Oral Acne Medications

Oral Antibiotics such as Doxycycline or Azithromycin can be prescribed to reduce the bacteria load in the skin and suppress acne inflammation.

Spironolactone is an anti-androgen medication that has been proven to be safe and effective in treating hormonal acne in adult women.

Oral contraceptives such as DIANE 35 are another option to treat hormonal acne. However these may have side effects.

Oral Isotretinoin (Roaccutane) is recommended for severe or stubborn acne cases.

More information about Oral Acne Medications can be found here

Acne Medical Facials

The Aquapure Medi-facial combined with OMEGA Blue LED light was designed to specifically targeting acne. It consists of several steps with serums containing AHAs, BHAs and other active ingredients to achieve the following benefits -

  • Deeply cleanse and exfoliate
  • Remove excess sebum
  • Kill acne causing bacteria
  • Soothe skin redness
  • Lighten marks
  • Stimulate collagen for improved scar healing

Acne Lasers

The Acne Pro Yellow Laser treatment treats acne by using a special 577nm wavelength that kills P. acne bacteria, shrinks sebum producing sebaceous glands and reduces ​red acne marks (post inflammatory erythema).

Another Laser that Dr Edwin uses to combat acne is the Carbon Spectra Laser "Hollywood" Peel. It helps to reduce sebum production, brighten skin, kill P.acne bacteria and reduce post inflammatory hyperpigmentation (brown marks).

In summary,

Acne + red marks = Yellow Laser

Acne + brown marks = Carbon peel laser

Acne can appear as a spectrum from whiteheads to large cystic acne accompanied by red or brown marks. After consultation, Dr Edwin will customise an Acne treatment plan to address your skin concerns.

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Keloid Scar Removal Treatment Singapore

Keloid Scar Removal Treatment Singapore

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

What are Keloid Scars?

During normal wound healing, formation of scar tissue is an essential part of skin repair and recovery.

In abnormal cases, scar tissues overgrow, and form raised, hard lumps resulting in the formation of a keloid.

Keloids can be found on any part of the body after skin injury.

They may be cosmetically unpleasant but are largely asymptomatic. Rarely, keloids may cause pain and itch

Common causes of Keloid formation

  • Acne 
  • Surgical wounds
  • Burns / Trauma
  • Vaccinations
  • Piercings
  • Skin infection

Keloid scar removal and treatments

Keloid Injection

Corticosteroid keloid injections are anti-inflammatory and are the most commonly performed procedure for keloid scars.

They are injected directly into the keloid to reduce its size and prevent further growth.

After one injection, the keloid usually reduces by 80 to 90% in size. Patients may undergo a second injection 1 month after for further improvement.

Regular keloid injections 3 to 4 times a year are sometimes needed to maintain optimal results.

Silicone Scar Gel

Studies have reported improvement in keloid scars after daily application of Silicone gel for 4 to 6 months.

Laser Keloid Removal

Ablative lasers like the CO2 laser can reduce the size and improve the appearance of keloid scars. It is normally used in conjunction with keloid injections and are reserved for large or stubborn keloid scars that do not respond well to injections.

Keloid removal surgery

Surgical excision of keloids is rarely done as it has a high recurrence rate of keloid formation post-surgery.

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Facial Redness and Rosacea Treatment Singapore

Facial Redness and Rosacea Treatment Singapore

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

Common causes of facial redness

Facial redness is a common problem in Asian skin and can be distressing to individuals.


What is Rosacea?

Rosacea is a chronic skin inflammatory condition commonly affecting the nose, cheeks, and chin.

There are several types of Rosacea presenting with the following symptoms:

  • Persistent facial redness (“Rosy cheeks”)
  • Frequent blushing / flushing
  • Cheeks feel “hot / warm”
  • Small visible red blood vessels at the surface of the skin (Telangiectasia)
  • Acne pustules
  • Enlarged, red nose with thickened skin (Rhinophyma)

Causes of Rosacea

Much research has been done on Rosacea. However, the exact mechanism that causes Rosacea is still unknown.

However, worsening of Rosacea has been linked to these factors:

  • Alcohol consumption
  • Sun exposure and heat
  • Spicy and hot food
  • Smoking
  • Climate change
  • Emotional stress
  • Genetics

Rosacea Treatment

Currently, there is no cure for Rosacea. However, there are many treatment options that can improve the signs and symptoms of Rosacea.


Broad spectrum sunblock application is the first crucial step. SPF 50+ and PA +++ is highly recommended to protect against UVA and UVB rays.

Topical Rosacea Cream

Azaleic acid which is one of the active ingredients in our Anti Blemish Formula that has been proven in research studies to treat both rosacea and pustular acne which may occur together with rosacea.

Rosacea Laser Treatment

Pro Yellow Rosacea Laser

The Quadrostar Pro-Yellow Laser is engineered in Germany and is a newer and improved version of the commonly used Dual-Yellow laser.

Using a special wavelength of 577nm, the Pro-Yellow Laser effectively targets and treats vascular skin conditions like Rosacea, Telangiectasia and Post Inflammatory Erythema.

The yellow laser is highly absorbed by red blood cells (Hemoglobin) found in blood vessels, allowing it to quickly target, shrink and remove the small red blood vessels (Telangiectasia) that cause facial redness in Rosacea.

It also promotes collagen growth and has an overall tightening, brightening and rejuvenating effect on skin.

Picosecond Laser Gold Toning 595nm Rosacea Laser

Like the Pro Yellow Laser, the 595nm Pico “Gold” Laser uses a different wavelength (595nm vs 577nm) to target red blood cells (Hemoglobin) in blood vessels safely and effectively.

The reduction in size and number of facial blood vessels improves and reduces the symptoms of Rosacea.

Is there downtime with laser treatments?

Mild redness may be experienced for several hours after Rosacea laser treatment. There is no scabbing or peeling.

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Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore | Non invasive V shaped face contouring

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

Why do you need Chin Fillers?

Many Asians have short or receded chins, thereby impacting their facial proportion.

Chin fillers enhance your jawline and facial attractiveness by making the face appear sharper, slimmer and more contoured a.k.a the “V shaped” face.


  • Enhance small / recessed chin
  • Correct chin cleft
  • V shaped Face
  • “Hide” a double chin

The ideal golden ratio follows the principle of one thirds. i.e, the entire face, from the highest point of the forehead, to the apex of the chin can be divided into three. An ideal chin length measured from the distance between the nose tip and apex of the chin should be 1/3 of the total facial length.

Before the advent of fillers, those who sought to enhance their chin could only turn to costly and invasive plastic surgery. Now, in just 15 minutes, your chin’s shape and projection can be immediately improved by a minimally invasive, non-surgical, “lunch-time” injectable procedure.

Whilst chin fillers are more popular with ladies, men are now opting for this procedure to augment their jawline to give a more masculine appearance. No two patients are the same, hence during consultation, Dr Edwin will examine your facial profile before advising on the ideal areas for filler treatment.

How are Chin Fillers done?

Prior to the filler injection, Dr Edwin will plan and discuss with you in detail about your ideal chin shape. 

The procedure is straightforward. Dr Edwin will inject the filler into specific points around the chin to achieve both forward and downwards projection. Ice or a topical numbing agent can be applied to reduce discomfort or bruising.

After injection, the chin is moulded to “fine tune” the shape for a naturally looking chin.

Results can be instantly appreciated and the whole procedure should take no more than 15 minutes. An intensive recovery cream is applied when the treated is finished to reduce the risk of swelling and / or bruising.

Is it painful?

Pain is minimal.

Aside from using ice and topical anesthesia, the chin filler itself contains a numbing agent (lidocaine) which will further numb the area that is being injected.

At the very most, you may experience small ant bites which is very tolerable.

How long do Chin Fillers last?

On average, chin fillers should last between 10 to 14 months.

Dr Edwin prefers to use hyaluronic acid-based fillers instead of semi-permanent fillers as these are safer.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is broken down slowly over time. Hence, after 10 to 14 months, the chin will gradually return to its original appearance.

For best results, it is recommended to undergo chin filler treatments once a year to maintain the ideal chin shape.

Side effects of Chin Fillers

Common side effects such as swelling, and bruising are mild and transient. 

They should last no more than 5 to 7 days. Application of the intensive recovery cream will speed up resolution of swelling and bruising.

Rarer complications include infection, lumpiness or filler migration.

These side effects are related to improper technique and hence choosing the right doctor is very important!

V shaped face treatment combo

Aside from chin fillers, Jaw Btox can be injected into the masseter muscle for further slimming and contouring of the jaw line. 

More information can be found here

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Treatment of Wrinkles

Profhilo vs Rejuran vs Skinbooster Singapore

Profhilo vs Rejuran vs Skinbooster Singapore

Which is best?

3 choices, Profhilo vs Rejuran vs Skinboosters, which is best for my skin? This is one of our most asked questions.

Before we delve deeper, for more details about each treatment, these are their dedicated pages.

Profhilo Treatment Singapore



Collagen + Elastin stimulation

Skin Bio-remodelling + Hydration

5 injection points per cheek

Minimal downtime

Discomfort +

2 sessions, one month apart

Best for anti-aging, dry skin and overall skin enhancement

Rejuran Healer

Collagen stimulation

Skin Repair

Multiple micro injections needed

2-3 days of downtime

Discomfort ++

3 sessions, one month apart

Best for acne skin requiring repair



Skin Glow

Multiple micro injections needed

2-3 days of downtime

Discomfort +++

3 sessions, one month apart

Best for dry skin


Profhilo offers benefits that overlap both Rejuran Healer and Skinboosters. Coupled with minimal discomfort and downtime, it is easy to see why Profhilo is an excellent all in one treatment that is able to:

  • Increase production of Elastin and Collagen for firmer, “bouncier” skin
  • Tightening and lifting effect
  • Improve skin quality
  • Enhance glow and radiance
  • Boost Hydration

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Dark eye circles

Dark Eye Circles Treatment in Singapore

Guide to Dark Eye Circle treatment in Singapore

Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

Looking tired?

Stubborn dark eye circles that do not improve despite adequate sleep?

Dark circles under the lower eyelids are common in both men and women.

Often made worse by the presence of eyebags, dark circles can give one a “tired” appearance, even making you look older than you are!

What exactly are Dark Eye Circles?

Dark eye circles refer to the darkening of the skin area below your eyes. Of note, dark eye circles are different from eyebags or the tear trough.

Eyebags are caused by fat or fluid accumulation, leading to a swelling seen under the eyes.

The Tear Trough refers to the hollowing or “groove” between the junction of the lower eyelid and the cheek.

To compound problems, all 3 problems may co-exist together, exacerbating and worsening their appearance.

Who is commonly affected?

Though almost anyone can be affected by dark circles, they are most common in these 3 groups of people.

Older age: Loss of fatty tissue and thinning of the skin occurs around the eyes as part of the natural aging process. These changes can exacerbate the appearance of dark circles in older adults.

Darker Skin Types: Dark circles are more common in people with darker skin tones. It is thought to be attributed to the increased amount of skin pigmentation that occurs naturally.

Genetics: Dark circles can be hereditary. Research has found that dark circles under their eyes run in family members.

How do dark eye circles form?

The formation of dark eye circles can be attributed broadly to 2 factors.

1) Blood vessel congestion leading to pooling of blood and engorgement of blood vessels under the eye. Some of these vessels are found superficially (closer to the skin surface), causing the area to appear dark bluish / greenish / purplish at times.

2) Hyperpigmentation i.e increased or extra pigment formation or deposition in the under-eye area. This is commonly seen in people with darker skin tone or prolonged sun exposure.

Common Causes of Dark Eye Circles

Any factor that worsens blood vessel congestion or increased pigmentation formation can contribute to worsening of dark eye circles.

  • Lack of sleep or poor sleeping habits can disrupt blood flow to the eye area
  • Allergies, including hay fever can cause vessel dilation and accumulation of blood
  • Overexposure to sun light, increasing pigmentation formation
  • Aging leads to reduced collagen and reduced levels of fatty tissue around the eyes as well as thinning of skin under the eyes, causing blood vessels to be more visible
  • Smoking leads to premature aging of the skin
  • Inherited genes

Treatment options

Dual laser program a.k.a Panda Eye Laser Program

To treat both blood vessel congestion and hyperpigmentation, Dr Edwin uses 2 lasers to safely and effectively address both the root causes of Dark Eye Circles.

Laser 1 – Pro Yellow Vascular Laser constricts and minimizes the appearance of blood vessels under the eye, thereby reducing under eye discoloration.

Laser 2 – Spectra Pigmentation Laser reduces hyperpigmentation around the eyes, lightening dark eye circles.

Many a time, patients have complained that they have underwent laser treatment for dark eye circles, but without success. Unfortunately, most are only treated with the pigmentation laser alone which is unable to improve blood vessel congestion and hence, the less than satisfactory results.

Under Eye Fillers

In patients with thin, aging skin, under eye fillers such as Teosyal RD2 can be used to mask the appearance of blood vessels as well as stimulate collagen to improve skin elasticity and thickness.

 Furthermore, Teosyal RD2 contains different types of antioxidants which work to brighten skin and lighten pigmentation around the under eyes.

Rejuran I

Rejuran I (Eye) is an anti-aging treatment specially focused on rejuvenating the eye area. It contains Polynucleotides (PN) derived from Salmon DNA.

Studies have shown that PN extracted from salmon DNA is very safe and compatible with human skin. PN are DNA fragments that repair damaged skin cells and stimulate collagen production.

It is injected in a similar fashion to Skinboosters, with a series of precise micro injections into the skin around the eyes.

More information can be found here.

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Hyalase – Dissolving Fillers in Singapore

Hyalase (Hyaluronidase) - Dissolving Dermal Fillers in Singapore

Regret having Fillers injected?

Unhappy with your Filler results?

Unexpected bumps from Fillers?

It is not the end of the world. You do not need to wait 1 to 2 years for the dermal filler to disappear.

With Hyalase, Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers that have been placed incorrectly or in excessive amounts, can be dissolved safely and naturally.

What is Hyalase?

Hyalase contains Hyaluronidase which is a naturally occurring enzyme that breaks down Hyaluronic acid.

Both Hyaluronic acid and Hyaluronidase exist naturally in our body.

The body produces hyaluronic acid whilst hyaluronidase is responsible for hyaluronic acid turnover by breaking down hyaluronic acid. Think of them as Yin and Yang.

Majority of dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic acid as the main constituent. Hence, Hyaluronidase is the perfect method for dissolving unwanted dermal fillers.

How is Hyalase administered?

Hyalase is injected using a tiny sharp needle or micro cannula into the targeted treatment area.

Dr Edwin prefers to use the sharp needle for a localized area such as nose / chin while larger areas such as cheeks are best treated using the micro cannula technique.

How long before I see results? What is the duration of treatment?

Results are usually seen within 24 hours of treatment.

Treatment duration for each area is 15 minutes. 

Dr Edwin will schedule a review after 1 week so as to allow time for swelling to subside.

What are the common side effects?

Swelling and bruising is commonly seen after Hyalase injections.

These are temporary and subside after 4 to 7 days.

Allergic reactions have been reported, but these are very rare.

How many sessions do i need?

For most patients, 1 session will be enough. However, if large volumes of dermal fillers are present, a second session may be required to dissolve the filler completely.

Hyalase and Semi-permanent fillers

Unfortunately, Hyalase is only effective when treating Hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers.

Semi-permanent fillers of the following brands can not be dissolved with Hyalase.

  • Radiesse (Calcium Hydroxylapartite) 
  • Ellanse (Polycaprolactone)
  • Sculptra (PLLA)

Speak to us today to find out how you can dissolve unwanted fillers safely and effectively.