Website Tutorial

This website tutorial will help you through simple edit on the website content. 

Login to the Website

Login to Website

Login to the website with the following login URL, Username and Password.

This is the login screen which you will see when you enter the login URL.

You may also go to the web page after you login and just click on the top link to edit whichever page you want.

Update Page Content

  • Click on the Pages Tab on the left-hand side of the admin dashboard.
  • Click on “Edit with Thrive Architect” on the page that you would like to edit.
  • Edit the text and images in the web page

    Changing text

    Once you have clicked on the edit, you will open the editor to edit the page content.

    When you click on the part that you like to edit, the content edit area, you can make changes to the text. Once changes done, remember to save changes to reflect the change. You may view the change by clicking the preview button. 

    For all text in the web page, just click on the element and edit the same way as above.

    Changing of image

    Click on the image element to open the editor for this part.
    1.Click on the image
    2.Click on ‘Replace Image”
    3.Image library will open, and you may select existing image to replace or click upload to select the images from your computer.

    Edit Contact Form Email For Receiving Form Submission

    Update the email that you would like to receive your contact form.

    • Click on the form to activate the element of the contact form.
    • Click “Exit Group Styling” to show the form details to edit.

    Do not drag any element in the web page when editing mode is on. Any changes you made may not be reversible and if the page is broken as a result of your edit, what we can do is only to restore the backup copy to where it was original done by us. All other changes done by you after our original backup will be gone. This will be the case throughout the support period. Click anything that you are unsure of, as it may break the site. Please follow the instruction given in this tutorial. If you need any further assistance, please contact us for support.

    For any other assistance, you may contact Amazing Web Services.

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