Guide to Restylane Fillers Singapore

What Are Restylane Fillers?

Restylane is a popular brand of dermal fillers from the USA approved for use in Singapore.

Fillers are a gel-like substance containing hyaluronic acid (HA) that is injected beneath the skin to augment and improve facial appearance by adding volume to specific areas such as the cheek or chin for example.

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What Is Special About Restylane Fillers?

Restylane has a comprehensive line of fillers that is well suited for certain areas of the face.

Utilising their proprietary NASHA technology, their fillers are flexible which gives natural looking results even during facial movement.

The HA particle size varies throughout the Restylane product range, giving each type of Restylane filler different benefits.

Finer particles - For fine wrinkles and softer areas such as the undereyes or lips.

Medium sized particles - For moderate to severe folds such as the nasolabial lines or marionette lines.

Large sized particles - For volume replacement such as cheek or chin fillers.

Restylane Kysse

Best used for enhancing and contouring the upper and lower lips to achieve the popular "Korean Cherry Lips" or "Russian Lips".

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Restylane Refyne

Ideal for deeper folds and wrinkles such as the laugh lines (nasolabial folds) or the marionette lines.

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Restylane Lyft

Dr Edwin prefers to use this filler to fill up hollow temples, sunken cheeks as well as to enhance the chin.

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Are Filler Injections Painful?

With good injection technique coupled with application of skin cooling with icepacks, the discomfort is minimal and feels like small ant bites.

Furthermore, all Restylane Fillers contain a numbing ingredient (lidocaine) which further reduces pain during the treatment.

How Long Do Restylane Fillers Last For?

On average, Restylane Fillers can last between 12 to 18 months, sometimes even longer, depending on the area and volume of filler injected.

For example, areas with high mobility such as lips may have lower longevity than areas with lesser movement such as the cheeks or jawline.

What is the Best Filler for me?

In the market, there are many approved brands of fillers such as Juvederm, Restylane, Teosyal, Belotero etc. Each brand has their own subtypes of fillers with unique selling points.

As such, it is important that your doctor is experienced in filler injection techniques as well as the various types of fillers so that each filler can be used to their best potential for optimal results.

An expert injector will be able to advise on the best filler for your specific aesthetic concern.

Are Restylane Fillers safe?

Restylane is a well established dermal filler brand worldwide and is commonly used in Singapore for aesthetic treatments.

Worldwide, hundreds of thousands of patients have been treated with the Restylane family of Dermal Fillers and many studies have reported high levels of patient satisfaction and safety with Restylane Fillers.

How do I find the best Restylane Fillers in Singapore?

Every clinic offers different dermal filler treatment options for anti-ageing and facial augmentation. No one clinic is same as the other. If you want to make sure that Restylane filler treatments are performed safely and effectively, make sure that the clinic is experienced in offering such filler injections. The clinic should also offer information on the various types of injectable fillers before proceeding.

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