Guide to Chin Fillers Singapore

Why do you need Chin Fillers?

Many Asians have short or receded chins, thereby impacting their facial proportion.

Chin fillers enhance your jawline and facial attractiveness by making the face appear sharper, slimmer and more contoured a.k.a the “V shaped” face.


  • Enhance small / recessed chin
  • Correct chin cleft
  • V shaped Face
  • “Hide” a double chin
Chin Fillers

The ideal golden ratio follows the principle of one thirds. i.e, the entire face, from the highest point of the forehead, to the apex of the chin can be divided into three. An ideal chin-length measured from the distance between the nose tip and apex of the chin should be 1/3 of the total facial length.

Chin Fillers

Before the advent of fillers, those who sought to enhance their chin could only turn to costly and invasive plastic surgery. Now, in just 15 minutes, your chin’s shape and projection can be immediately improved by a minimally invasive, non-surgical, “lunch-time” injectable procedure.

Whilst chin fillers are more popular with ladies, men are now opting for this procedure to augment their jawline to give a more masculine appearance. No two patients are the same, hence during consultation, Dr Edwin will examine your facial profile before advising on the ideal areas for filler treatment.

How are Chin Fillers done?

Prior to the filler injection, Dr Edwin will plan and discuss with you in detail about your ideal chin shape. 

The procedure is straightforward. Dr Edwin will inject the filler into specific points around the chin to achieve both forward and downwards projection. Ice or a topical numbing agent can be applied to reduce discomfort or bruising.

After injection, the chin is moulded to “fine-tune” the shape for a naturally looking chin.

Results can be instantly appreciated and the whole procedure should take no more than 15 minutes. An intensive recovery cream is applied when the treated is finished to reduce the risk of swelling and/or bruising.

Chin Fillers

Is it painful?

Pain is minimal.

Aside from using ice and topical anesthesia, the chin filler itself contains a numbing agent (lidocaine) which will further numb the area that is being injected.

At the very most, you may experience small ant bites which is very tolerable.

How long do Chin Fillers last?

On average, chin fillers should last between 10 to 14 months.

Dr Edwin prefers to use hyaluronic acid-based fillers instead of semi-permanent fillers as these are safer.

Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring substance in the body that is broken down slowly over time. Hence, after 10 to 14 months, the chin will gradually return to its original appearance.

For best results, it is recommended to undergo chin filler treatments once a year to maintain the ideal chin shape.

Chin Fillers

Side effects of Chin Fillers

Common side effects such as swelling, and bruising are mild and transient. 

They should last no more than 5 to 7 days. Application of the intensive recovery cream will speed up resolution of swelling and bruising.

Rarer complications include infection, lumpiness or filler migration.

These side effects are related to improper technique and hence choosing the right doctor is very important!

V shaped face treatment combo

Aside from chin fillers, Jaw Btox can be injected into the masseter muscle for further slimming and contouring of the jaw line. 

More information can be found here.

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V shaped face

How do I find the Best Chin Filler Singapore has to offer?

Every clinic offers different Chin Filler treatment options. No one clinic is same as the other. If you want to make sure that Chin Filler treatments are performed safely and effectively, make sure that the clinic is experienced in offering such Chin Filler treatments. The clinic should also offer information on the various types of Chin Filler treatments before proceeding.

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