Profhilo Treatment Singapore

What is Profhilo?

Known as 逆時針 or “Time Reversing Injection”, Profhilo is the latest multi-purpose injectable treatment for skin rejuvenationhydration and collagen stimulation.

Its main selling point? Profhilo delivers FIVE times more Hyaluronic Acid (HA) than Skinboosters into the layers of the skin.

HA is the key ingredient that keeps skin well glowing and well hydrated, giving it the much sought after “Korean glass skin” appearance.

Since 2015, it has gained popularity in Europe as a quick and relatively painless treatment with minimal downtime because only FIVE injection points per cheek are required.

Of note, Profhilo is not the same as Dermal Fillers and works differently from Rejuran and Skinboosters. The differences will be further elaborated on below.

Profhilo Treatment Singapore


  • Increased production of Elastin and Collagen
  • Firmer, tighter, “bouncier” skin
  • Improved skin quality
  • Enhanced glow
  • Hydration booster
Profhilo Treatment Singapore

How does Profhilo work in Singapore?

Profhilo has one of the highest concentrations of Hyaluronic acid (HA) on the market - 64 mg in 2 mls. In comparison, Restylane Skinboosters only has 20 mg/ml.

Profhilo is unique because it is a hybrid that contains 2 types of non-cross-linked HA:

  1. Low molecular weight HA (L-HA) retains moisture and hydrates skin.
  2. High molecular weight HA (H-HA) lifts the skin by providing a stable hyaluronic acid structure in the skin dermis in order to give a volumetric lift.

The hybrid HA combination allows for a slow release of active ingredients to deliver sustained and long-lasting hydration + bio-remodelling.

In addition, Profhilo is free of additives such as BDDE and Lycodine. These additives can cause lumps to form in other types of skinboosters/fillers treatments.

Profhilo Treatment Singapore

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What is Bio-Remodelling?

Profhilo rejuvenates the skin and increases collagen and elastin production in the different layers of the skin by:

  • Stimulating fibroblasts
  • Activating Keratinocytes
  • Supporting Keratinocyte viability and promoting wound healing
  • Recruitment of stem cells in adipocytes and improving fat tissue renewal for youthful looking skin

Which Areas Can Profhilo Treat?

Profhilo can be used in almost all areas for skin rejuvenation.

  • Forehead and Eye area
  • Cheeks, Lower face, Chin
  • Neck and Décolletage
  • Arms, Hands
  • Knees
  • Chest and Abdomen
  • Depressed acne scars 

5 Point BAP technique - What is special about it?

Unlike Skinboosters or Rejuran, Profhilo only needs 5 points per cheek for treatment of the whole face!

The 5 Bio Aesthetic Points (BAP) are specially selected areas of the face that have no large blood vessels or nerve branches, thereby minimizing the risk of bruising and improving safety while allowing for maximal diffusion of Profhilo’s hybrid HA complex across the entire face.

With only 5 injection points per cheek, discomfort and downtime is minimal to none.

In total, there are 10 injection points for the entire face.

Each treatment requires 2cc of Profhilo.

5 Point BAP technique

Profhilo Treatment Experience in Singapore

Prior to treatment, Dr Edwin will map out the 5 BAP points on each side of the face. To reduce discomfort and bruising risk, an icepack is applied prior to each injection.

Immediately after treatment, a small raised bump/swelling may be seen at the injection points.

Discomfort is minimal to none.

These bumps will start to flatten in a few hours as Profhilo diffuses into the skin. They fully disappear after 24 to 48 hours. An intensive recovery cream can be applied to speed up this process.

Side effects such as bruising is rare and usually mild.

How often is the Profhilo treatment done?

For best results, the first 2 to 3 sessions of Profhilo® should be administered once a month for 2 to 3 months. Subsequently, for maintenance, each session should be repeated every 6-9 months.

Profhilo Neck rejuvenation

Neck Profhilo treatment is excellent for targeting and improving wrinkled or sagging neck skin.

The anti-aging benefits for Neck Profhilo injections include collagen stimulation from deep within the skin.

10 points along the neck are specially chosen to avoid vital neck structures such as blood vessels or nerves.

The treatment experience is similar to Profhilo injections for the face. Discomfort is minimal and after treatment, small bumps and swelling will be seen at the injection site which disappears after a few days.

Neck Profhilo

How much is Profhilo in Singapore?

The cost of Profhilo is at $1000 per syringe, before prevailing government taxes.

Profhilo vs Rejuran vs Skinboosters

Which is better? Profhilo or Rejuran or Skinboosters?

How do you choose the best Profhilo treatment?

Visit here for a more detailed comparison to see which is best for your skin.

In summary, compared to Rejuran and Skinboosters, Profhilo has:

  • Higher concentration of HA
  • More hydration
  • More collagen and elastin stimulation
  • Fewer injection points required
  • Significantly less discomfort and downtime

Rejuran Healer is an anti aging treatment which repairs damaged DNA cells and stimulates collagen by injecting micro boluses of polynucleotides (PN). More information about Rejuran Healer can be found here.

Skinboosters are micro injections of hyaluronic acid as well as antioxidants and vitamins for skin hydration and glow. Find out more about Skinboosters here.

Skin Boosters

Can Profhilo be combined with BTX or Fillers in Singapore?

Yes, Profhilo can be used in combination with treatments such as BTX or Dermal Fillers.

In fact, combining BTX, Dermal Fillers and Profhilo is highly recommended to help combat the signs of aging by improving wrinkles, restoring volume and improving skin quality.

Learn more about BTX treatments for wrinkles here

Learn more about Dermal Fillers here

What is the difference between Profhilo and Ellanse?

Both Profhilo and Ellanse can stimulate collagen, however they are quite different treatments.

Profhilo focuses more on improving skin quality by boosting collagen and skin hydration for younger, rejuvenated, glowing skin.

Ellanse on the other hand is a type of filler that stimulates collagen concurrently. Hence, Ellanse is injected in specific areas of the face to give a filling / volumizing effect. Ellanse injections do not provide any form of skin hydration.

In summary, for patients who have volume loss who require volume and collagen stimulation, Ellanse will be ideal. For patients who do not need the extra volume, but instead wish to focus on improving their skin quality for younger looking skin, Profhilo will be the better option.

Combination treatment of Profhilo and Ellanse can be done together to enhance anti aging results.

Learn more about Ellanse here

How do I find the Best Profhilo Clinic Singapore has to offer?

Every clinic offers different treatment options for anti-ageing and collagen stimulation. No one clinic is same as the other. If you want to make sure that Profhilo treatments are performed safely and effectively, make sure that the clinic is experienced in offering such injectable treatments. The clinic should also offer information on the various types of collagen and hydration boosters before proceeding.

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