HIFU Eyebag Reduction in Singapore

Eyebags - The struggle

Bothered by stubborn eyebags?

Struggling with creams to attain eyebag reduction?

Tired of people asking you to sleep more?

Eye creams not working?

You are not alone in the struggle to improve unsightly eyebags.


What Are Eyebags. How Do We Get Them?

As we age, some of the tissues around the eyes such as the skin, muscles and ligaments weaken and become more lax.

This allows existing fat under the eyes to protrude outwards, causing the area to appear “puffy”. 

Medically, this is known as the herniation of the infraorbital fat pads.

Fluid may also accumulate in the area below your eyes, worsening the “puffiness”. 

The combination of fluid retention and protrusion of under-eye fat leads to the formation and appearance of eyebags.

Eyebag formation

Factors that worsen eyebags


Aging skin loses collagen and elasticity, becoming thinner and looser with increasing age.

It loses the natural ability to “hold back” under-eye fats, thereby allowing the protrusion of under-eye fats, contributing to the appearance of eyebags.

With thinner skin, underlying blood vessels and dark eye circles also appear more obvious.

Eye aging

Fluid retention

Especially noticeable after waking from sleep or increased dietary salt content.

Lack of sleep

When the body doesn't receive adequate rest, it can lead to poor water balance, resulting in puffiness around the eyes.


Conditions such as Hay fever or Allergic Rhinitis can worsen the appearance of eyebags.


Smoking may degrade skin collagen and constrict blood vessels, intensifying under-eye darkness and puffiness.


Eyebags can run in families. This is made worse by thin under-eye skin and deep-set eyes.

Limitations of Non Invasive Eyebag Treatments

The most definitive treatment for eyebag removal is surgical intervention.

While non-invasive treatments like HIFU (High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound) have gained popularity, they come with certain limitations. Patients often require multiple sessions to achieve desired outcomes, and even then, the results might not be as pronounced or consistent as one would hope.

Furthermore, the outcomes from non-invasive techniques cannot attain the same level of efficacy as surgical procedures. Additionally, the results from HIFU and similar treatments may not be permanent, whereas surgical interventions offer a more long lasting solution to the issue of eyebags.

Please note that Dr Edwin does not perform surgical treatments for eyebag removal.

Non Invasive Treatment Options

HIFU Eyebag Reduction

The Ultraformer 3 HIFU is Dr Edwin’s preferred choice in treating eyebags.

Unique to the Ultraformer 3, is the new MF2 transducer which has a slimmer footprint, allowing it to reach and focus on smaller and sensitive areas such as under the eyes.

High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU), uses precise medical-grade ultrasound for non-surgical skin tightening by stimulating collagen at up to 4 different layers of skin.

When used for the undereye area, HIFU can achieve the following benefits.

  • Tightening of underlying ligaments, muscles and SMAS layer
  • Thicker skin with restored elastin and collagen
  • Reduction in volume of under eye fats

This multi-pronged approach targets and treats the 3 main factors that worsen eyebag appearance – muscle and ligamentous laxity, thin skin and accumulation of under-eye fats.

The duration for an eyebag reduction is between 20 to 30 minutes for both eyes. Numbing cream will be applied prior to minimise discomfort. 

Most patients experience a sensation akin to tiny ant bites. There may be 2 to 3 days of slight swelling post-procedure which can be improved with the Intensive Recovery Cream.

Eyebag reduction might take some time; don't be discouraged if you don't see immediate results after one or two sessions!

More information on the Ultraformer 3 HIFU can be found here.


Tear Trough / Undereye Fillers

The appearance of eyebags can also be improved by the careful and selective placement of fillers in the undereye area.

People with tear troughs will benefit from undereye fillers by smoothing out the “groove” between the junction of the lower eyelid and the cheek, thereby improving the appearance of eyebags.

Dr Edwin prefers to use the blunt cannula technique for this eyebag reduction treatment. With only a single entry point, Dr Edwin is able to treat the entire tear trough. This approach reduces the risk of bruising and discomfort is minimal.  

Results are satisfying and immediate.

Word of caution - improper placement or excessive volume of undereye fillers may actually worsen the appearance of eyebags!

Learn more about Tear Trough Fillers here.

Tear trough treatment

Rejuran I (Eye) Treatment

Rejuran I (Eye) is an anti-aging treatment containing Polynucleotides (PN) derived from Salmon DNA.

Studies have shown that PN extracted from salmon DNA is very safe and compatible with human skin.

PN are DNA fragments that repair damaged skin cells and stimulate collagen production.

It is injected in a similar fashion to Skinboosters, with a series of precise micro injections into the skin.


Reduces crow’s feet and fine wrinkles​

Improves skin elasticity and thin skin

Difference between Rejuran I and Rejuran Healer

Rejuran I is "softer" and more “liquid” than Rejuran Healer. This makes it perfect for treating the eye area as it reduces the risk of lumps in this delicate area.

Rejuan i

Speak with Dr Edwin today to learn more about how the eye area can be rejuvenated!

Aside from eyebags, other common signs of aging such as wrinkles around the eyes (Crow's Feet) can also be treated safely and effectively.

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